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Frequently Asked Questions

Q, I have trees on my land, what are my responsibilities to my neighbours and the general public?
A, The owner has a responsibility to maintain their trees in a safe condition, so to protect neighbours, invited guests, uninvited guests and any other person.

Q, I’m no expert, so how can I be sure my trees are safe?
A, By employing an expert arboriculturalist you can mitigate your responsibility of determining whether a tree is safe. An expert arborist can survey your trees and provide a professional detailed survey report on each individual tree, which will also advise any necessary actions to make safe dangerous trees.

Q, My neighbours trees overhang my boundary, can I cut them back?
A, Yes you are allowed to prune back, but you must not render the tree dangerous by doing so and you must at least offer back the arising’s. If the tree is covered by Tree Preservation Order or is within a conservation area this right to prune back is lost. Seek professional advice from your local authority.

Q, I think tree roots are blocking my drains and causing cracks to appear in my house, what should I do?
A, Call a professional arborist. There are arrays of measures that can be taken to minimise and stop damage from roots. A qualified arborist should even be able to take samples to prove presence and species of roots and give likely consequences of their presence.

Q, My tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order ‘TPO’ can I do work on it?
A, Only if you have applied to your local authority and have had permission granted. A qualified arborist will be able to help you with applications or apply on your behalf.

Q, My trees are within a conservation area, can I do work on them?
A, Only if you have given the local planning authority notice of your intentions. This need to be done in writing and usually takes them 6-8 weeks to determine an outcome. A qualified arborist will be able to  help you or apply on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions